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January 15, 2021

This is the 32th Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 7, Sunday before the Theophany; Synaxis of the Seventy Apostle

Saturday, January 16 at 6pm - Vespers
Sunday, January 17 at 10am - Liturgy

Epistle: 2 Timothy 4:5-8
Gospel: St. Mark 1:1-8

Reminders: During the Covid restrictions we are allowing Communions at the back door which will be opened at Communion time.

Tuesday January 19th is Theophany so Monday evening January 18th at 6:30pm Great Vespers with the Great Blessing of Water. Make sure you bring containers so you can take Holy Water home.

January 20th: Synaxis of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner, and Baptist John

Sunday January 24th: Holy Baptism and First Communion of Jeff and Krystal Frellick. Plus the blessing of the Atlantic Ocean after liturgy.

Calendars (English and English/Russian Version) are available at the candle stand and are valued at $12. This is a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the calendars. Please put the money in an envelope and mark it "Calendars".

There are several things I want to bring to your attention. The first is something that does not seem to happen in this parish and which should. I noticed last year that I was not asked to bless any homes. It is the custom within most Orthodox communities that the faithful have their homes blessed every year, and this takes place in association with the Theophany feast. I commend this practice to you and would like you to consider this in terms of your own home and having it blessed. We simply go around your home sprinkling it with Holy Water, which has been newly blessed at Theophany, and with lighted candles singing or saying the Theophany Troparion: When You, O Lord were baptized in the Jordan the worship of the Trinity was made manifest, for the voice of the Father bore witness to You and called You His beloved Son. And the Spirit in the form of a dove confirmed the truthfulness of His word. O Christ our God, You have revealed Yourself and have enlightened the world, glory to You. Please take this to heart. It is important that where you live day by day be filled with the Holy Spirit and the love and light of Christ. We shall bless the Atlantic Ocean as well.

I noticed that there were members of the parish missing for the Christmas liturgy at St. Antonios Church and I am wondering why that would be so? It could be that people were working that evening so couldn't come; it could be that being on the Julian (old) Calendar and the next morning being a work day, people didn't feel they wanted to be tired that next day. I asked for the use of St. Antonios, after remembering the stream of our people and others coming for Communion a year ago. It is important that we receive Communion on the great feasts of the Church, so I ask you to make sure you are prepared, and come for that purpose. Almost all of the Catechumens were present at St. Antonios, including those who travelled from Antigonish and Goshen. May God bless them.

I presented Father Maximos with a bottle of Champagne Cognac as a token; thanking him for allowing us to use his church for our Christmas Liturgy. He is always gracious and generous towards us.

It reminds me, what shall we do this year for Pascha? We can't fit everybody into our church if the Covid restrictions are still in force, and we can't ask to use another church since all Orthodox serve Pascha at the same time. Speaking to Father Maximos about this, he may have to ask permission to serve two Paschal Liturgies as it is; I may have to make the same request. We can pray that the weather on May 1st and 2nd be sunny and warm so we can serve the night liturgy outside, it's not an unreasonable prayer request, but we should start praying now. (It's unlikely there will be sun during the night Liturgy . that would take an awful lot of prayer! but perhaps not impossible.)

My Dear Friends, May God give us the courage to do His will, and may He bless us all,

In the Love of Christ,

-- Father David

Civic Calendar with Service Schedule

Year 2021
 Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun 
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am
Nativity Eve
Vigil of Nativity at St.Antonios 9:00pm
Christ’s Nativity
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am
Circumcision of Jesus
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am
Theophany Eve
Great Vespers, Blessing of Water 6:30pm
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy, Baptism of Jeff and Krystal 10:00am
Vespers 6:00pm
Hours, Liturgy 10:00am

Sundays and major feasts are in red. Fast days are shaded.

January 8, 2021

This is the 31th Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 6, Sunday after the Nativity

Saturday, January 9 at 6pm - Vespers
Sunday, January 10 at 10am - Liturgy

Epistle: Galatians 1:11-19
Gospel: St. Matthew 2: 13-23


Here it is Friday morning, the bulletin not yet written when it is usually well under way at the beginning of the week. The nervous energy leading up to the liturgy at St. Antonios Church was quite draining and somehow the bulletin went right out of my head as did several other things. I thank God that we have Father Alexander who makes sure I have what I need. Thank you again Father Maximos for allowing us to use St. Antonios Church for what was a wonderful Christmas Liturgy; the choir sang and chanted beautifully; the three altar servers helped the service run smoothly, thank you to all. Thanks to Augustine who provided Jeff and Seamus with a place to stay so they didn't have to drive back to Antigonish after the service. Trevor and his family did travel back to Goshen after the liturgy and arrived home safely. It was good to see so many at the service. I know there are photographs because I saw Alina taking them. When I get them, I'll include some in the bulletin. Please pray for the parish and for the Catechumens most of whom were able to get to the Christmas Liturgy and receive a blessing - Glory to God.

May He who was Born in a Stable Bless each of us,

Love in Christ,

-- Father David

January 2, 2021

This is the 30th Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 5, Nativity Fast

Saturday, January 2 at 6pm - Vespers (Lots of Confessions)
Sunday, January 3 at 10am - Liturgy (Lots of Confessions)
Wednesday, January 6 at 9pm - Matins followed by Liturgy at St.Antonios church (2480 Windsor Street, Halifax)


I have rethought the three Christmas Liturgies I mentioned. Now that we are able to have people back in church it is really important that we Gather Together so we shall all celebrate at one Liturgy at St. Antonios, at a great Christmas Night Liturgy (thank you Father Maximos). Please come - it is the parish, the people of God celebrating the Birth of Christ - TOGETHER.


  1. Nativity Fast Ends on Wednesday January 6th, then a Fast Free Week.
  2. This Saturday/Sunday, January 2nd/3rd is Confession time, Father Alexander will be available during Vespers 6pm and Liturgy 10am and I'll be available before or after Vespers. Please don't wait for the last minute.
  3. Confessions can also be made by appointment or over the telephone. I want us all to receive Communion.

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Prayer for protection against the Covid virus: please use it:

O God Almighty, Lord of heaven and earth, and of all creation visible and invisible, in thine ineffable goodness, look down upon thy people gathered in thy name. Be our helper and defender in this day of affliction. Thou knowest our weakness. Thou hearest our cry in repentance and contrition of heart. O Lord who lovest mankind deliver us from the impending threat of the Corona Virus. Send thine angel to watch over us and protect us. Grant health and recovery to those suffering from this virus. Guide the hands of physicians, and preserve those who are healthy that we may continue to serve thee in peace and glorify thy most honourable and majestic name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Боже Вседержителю, Господи небесе и земли, всея твари, видимыя же и невидимыя, по неизреченной благости Твоея призри на люди Твоя, к Тебе притекающия. Буди нам Помощник и Защититель в сей день скорби. Веси бо немощи наша, слышиши глас покаяния и умиления сердечнаго. Господи Человеколюбче, избави нас от напасти коронавируса на ны движимыя. Ниспосли ангела Твоего призирати на ны и избавити ны. Страждущим от болезни здравие и исцеление подаждь. Руки врачующих направи. Здравых в здравии сохрани, да в мире поработают Ти и да прославят пресвятое и великополепое имя Твое, Отца и Сына и Святаго Духа, ныне и присно, и во веки веков, аминь.

Last Saturday, Father Alexander served a Panikhida for Victoria, the mother of Leslee. Victoria was 100 years old when she fell asleep in Winnipeg. It is a blessing that Leslee was able to visit her in the autumn. We pray for Leslee and her family at this time. Just think what the world was like when Victoria was born in 1920, and all that happened during her lifetime.

Father David Remembers Christmas

I'm sitting here on December 25th, Christmas Day for most of the world and I am thinking back to the Christmases I knew as a boy. I was fortunate in that after the war, my father was posted to a military base in rural Dorset. We lived on the edge of moorland and a forest. We were about a kilometer and a half from where T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) lived and was killed. We were fortunate to live there because everything about Christmas was real; the fir trees were covered in Ivy and the Holly bushes had real red berries. Christmas trees were growing in the woods and were not given to the garbage collectors on Boxing Day. Real socks were hung at the end of the bed to be replaced by Father Christmas with a pillow case full of wonders. Christmas lights didn't work if one of the bulbs burned out and the tinsel was made of real metal. Postmen actually delivered cards and presents from distant relatives and the smell of the roasting goose or turkey prepared one for the sumptuous dinner that was to follow. While mother was preparing that, we boys went up the hill, through the woods to the church. On the way we played in the woods but arrived in time since we were part of the choir. Perhaps cutting it fine, one of the older girls, and I remember her well, scrambled to find each of us a cassock, ruff and surplice; then the procession around the wooden church to the main door of the nave for the procession, singing one of the beautiful Christmas Carols; probably Once in Royal David's City.

We ran home anticipating the feast, and we would not be disappointed. There might be chicken, or goose, or turkey with lots of gravy. There would always be Brussels Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips and Swede; a feast indeed. But that was not all. There was the Christmas Pudding, the Mince Pies, the Custard. I remember all this because it was all homemade; it was real. There was nothing artificial about it at all. The meat came from the butcher shop, the vegetables from the greengrocers and the various fruits and fats from the grocers where you were served by someone wearing an apron. Stuff was weighed and wrapped in paper. We hadn't even heard of plastic bags in those days. Stuff was carried in shopping baskets made of woven branches or grasses, or cloth. It was real.

At tea time there was usually Bread and Butter, and Trifle and more mince pies. One had to eat the bread and butter before one was allowed to eat anything sweet. In those days children did not have a choice, you did what you were told, or else; some of us well remember those days and the "or elses."

Then there was the King's Christmas Message, later of course, the Queen's Message. The evening was quieter and children were sent early to bed on Christmas Day; not unreasonable since we had awakened early, anticipating the wonderful things left by Father Christmas.

Then Boxing Day. This was children's day; the only day we were allowed to stay up until we wanted to go to bed and there was no restriction on the number of sweets and goodies we could eat. That is where we learned to be careful with the amount of chocolate one should eat at one time. Well, some of us learned.

But you see, it was all real. I look around now and I see that the world has made Christmas plastic, artificial, and fake. Christmas Carols are used now to encourage us to buy stuff, animals are fed to make them fat, eggs are produced in goodness only knows what kind of conditions.

Can we have Christmases like that again? I don't know. It will be up to the children of today who will have to examine the world they will live in and ask themselves: "Is it satisfactory?" My answer at the moment would be a definite "No!" The world I live in at the moment is selfish and deceitful. The question again is: Will it continue to be? And for how long? How long before the Lord decides to wrap it all up?

I don't despair though, and I have hope. I look at the beautiful children who bless this parish of St. Vladimir Prince of Kiev in Halifax, and there are those of us who remember and who hold on to the Truths. Christmas is a marvelous feast. We shall each fill it with what it is meant to be, the Birth of the Son of God, Real not plastic or fake - His taking Flesh of the Most Holy Theotokos, becoming Man, just like us. He knows what we are about. Don't get tied up with "Season's Greetings," It's "Merry Christmas" - the Birth of Christ - "Christ is Born!" So Let us Glorify Him.

May God Bless each and every one of us. Merry Christmas!

From Father David, Father Alexander, the choir and Altar servers, and the Parish Council