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You may have heard that the Orthodox Church is strange, that it is foreign; you may think it caters to people who speak languages you don’t and won’t understand.  You may even fear the Orthodox Church, after all it is Eastern. You’ve probably heard that it’s for Russians or Greeks or Ukrainians or Arabs. Would you believe it if I told you that St. Vladimir Orthodox Church has more English language speaking parishioners than any other language; it was started as an English Mission? And that you would feel right at home in St. Vladimir Orthodox Church? Did you know that St. Vladimir, our Patron Saint, the Prince of Kiev was instrumental in the conversion of that part of the world to Orthodoxy, more than a thousand years ago? Did you know that the Orthodox Church has been teaching about Jesus Christ for more than 2,000 years, and that it has not altered those incredible teachings? Frequently we get asked, «Do you believe in the Bible?» Our answer has to be, «Of course we do, Orthodox Christians wrote the New Testament!» Orthodox Christians wrote the Gospels, the Epistles, the Acts of the Apostles and the great Revelation. The Orthodox Church (Orthodox meaning right believing) is the ancient and the modern Christian Church, which stretched and still stretches as far as St. Peter and St. Paul, and the other Disciples and Apostles, led by the Holy Spirit, travelled, and far beyond.

The Orthodox Church may be more than 2000 years old, but we live now, by holding on to Traditional Christian teachings. We live in and are part of the 21st Century. Glory to God!

It would be an adventure to visit St Vladimir Prince of Kiev church, and you would be welcome. We don’t criticize, we don’t judge and there are lots of children.

Saturday evening at 6pm we serve Vespers, which takes about an hour. Sunday 10am we serve Liturgy, which takes about two hours on a regular Sunday. The coffee time that follows lasts as long as people stay and chat, and eat, and drink tea and coffee. Our people love being in each others’ company so they don’t hurry away.

How do we learn about the Church? By being part of the community, so we wait to welcome you.

Благослови вас Господь!
о. Давид,


March 1, 2024

Thirty-nineth Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday March 2 Vespers 6:00pm

Sunday March 3 Sunday of the Prodigal Son
Divine Liturgy 10:00am
Tone 6

Saturday March 9 Commemoration of the Departed
Divine Liturgy 10:00am

This is when you bring, not send, your list of departed friends and family to be read out, and commemorated

Pray for: Presbytera Joy, Subdeacon David, Therese, and others

Katy Yount has been reading a book about parenting children: Parenting Toward the Kingdom Orthodox Christian Principles of Child-Rearing by Philip Mamalakis. (Ancient Faith Publishing) Here is her review:

Father Bless,

I don't know if you recall a few weeks ago we spoke about the parenting book I'm reading and you asked me to send you my thoughts on it. To be honest, I still haven't finished it, as I like to read small sections (sometimes less than a chapter) and ponder on the lessons learned for a while before reading the next section.

I'm including a picture of the front and back of the book and the "about the author page", so you can see the full title, what other authors of Orthodox parenting books have to say, and the authors credentials. Here are my thoughts so far.

This book guides parents to raise their children with the long-term goal of attaining the Kingdom of Heaven. Short-term parenting goals (just getting kids to stop misbehaving) often do not teach children long term goals (virtues like patience, kindness, care for others, etc.) needed to attain the Kingdom. As parents, we are called to respect and venerate our children as the image of God and guide them towards saving their souls. Misbehaviors as children grow are developmentally normal, so parents must work within their children's development to teach them the virtues. This book outlines parenting approaches that are both strict and firm but loving and gentle. In the end, it doesn't matter if a child never learns to clean up their room (short term goal). The goal is for the child learned the virtue of obedience (long term goal) through the daily struggle to clean their room. Each child will struggle to learn different virtues, and that's ok. As parents we must support children in this struggle by being responsive, not reactive. Parents need to walk the path of struggle with their children. As parents, we want to remove struggles from our children and to take the burden upon ourselves, but that does not let our children learn. Children need to struggle so they can learn.

I find this book so uplifting and helpful. It inspires me to be a better and more thoughtful parent. It has allowed me to examine my own failings and struggles, not only as a parent, but as a human being, and attempt to improve upon myself through my parenting. I will be referring back to this book again and again in the coming years.

If there is interest in getting copies of the book, Jimmy and I would be happy to help arrange a bulk order of books.

With love, Katy Yount

Thank you, Katy.

Perhaps you remember that a short while ago Peter Efthimiadis was married to Evangelia, in Greece. I have permission to include a photo in our bulletin. What a beautiful couple; Father Theodore married them. Congratulation to both Peter and Evangelia.

Presbytera Joy's surgery went well. Please pray for her.

We are going to do something exciting this Sunday, March 3. Jessica and Andrei's 40 days of getting used to each other will be over and we will meet Jessica and Andrei at the church door at 10am They will be welcomed by the clergy and brought into the church as is proper. I'm sure that everyone will welcome them after the ceremony. I bet there will be pictures.

The Baptism of little Andrei. Sunday March 10 is the Sunday of the Dread Judgement. Andrei will be baptised at 10am. The service will start as the Liturgy and Baptism both begin, (Blessed is the Kingdom) and go directly to the Baptism, Chrismation and Tonsuring. The Churching will happen at the end of the Liturgy. Immediately following the Baptism, we sing the Tropars of the Sunday. Remember: Andrei has Communion first followed by Martha (Jessica), Ivan and Vladimir (Ryan).

May the Lord God strengthen us as we approach Great Lent. Be brave:

1 Peter 5

5 The elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed:

2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;

3 Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being examples to the flock.

4 And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.

5 Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

11 To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

12 By Silvanus, a faithful brother unto you, as I suppose, I have written briefly, exhorting, and testifying that this is the true grace of God wherein ye stand.

13 The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Marcus my son.

14 Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen.

May God bless all of us and give us strength to resist temptation and come home to our Father.

Love in Christ,
-- Father David

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