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Я не могу представить себе слов более подходящих, чем те, что были написаны отцом Владимиром в качестве введения к сайту Свято-Владимирской Православной Церкви в г. Галифаксе, Новая Шотландия. Все, что он пишет, воистину относится к Православной Церкви, и было бы высокомерно с моей стороны что-то изменить.

«В сети существует множество интернет-ресурсов, посвященных Православной Церкви, но мы надеемся, что наш сайт поможет вам больше узнать о Православии в г. Галифаксе (провинция Новая Шотландия). На Западе многие воспринимают Православие как ‘иноземную’ религию русских, греков, украинцев и других восточно-европейских и средиземноморских народов. Но это совсем не так. Православная Церковь не принадлежит какому-то народу. Православная Церковь принадлежит только Христу, и Он один является ее главой и Господином. Господь Иисус Христос призывает всех людей, и Его Православная Церковь встречает их с братской любовью. Мы будем рады, если вам понравился наш вебсайт и вы захотите посетить наше богослужение и глубже изучить традиции Православия.» (о. Владимир (Тобин), настоятель храма в 1993-2019 гг.)

Да благословит Бог всех нас, кто ищет Его любви, и даст нам силы продолжать.

— о. Давид (Эдвардс)


September 19, 2021

13th Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 4

Saturday, September 18 at 6pm - Vespers
Sunday, September 19 at 10am - Liturgy

Happy New Year!

This Sunday is the 13th Sunday after Trinity and the Church's New Year began on Tuesday September 14th which is September 1st on our Julian Calendar. We really should have served a Liturgy, but since Father Alexander would have to be the choir, and he is really busy teaching and preparing lectures, I won't disturb him this early in the term. There won't be a meal after the Liturgy this week, or any week unless someone brings it, just coffee, tea and perhaps cookies if someone brings them. Whatever is served will be downstairs so that it does not have to be carried upstairs and then carried back down the stairs.

Now to the Sunday Epistle and Gospel, which I hope you will look at, especially if you are unable to attend. 1 Corinthians 16:13-24 and Saint Matthew 21:33-42 and for the Commemoration of St. Michael at Colossae. Hebrews 2:2-10 and Saint Luke 10:16-21. If you would like to read the story of the healing, please refer to the OCA website. It is worth reading.

I received some lovely photos from Colin and Kristin as they were seated in the airplane and heading for their holiday. Unfortunately, their aircraft left Halifax late and so they missed a connecting flight. I hope it all turned out for them. They promised to let us know when Lydia Elizabeth Evangelia McInnis is to be baptised so we can pray for her and them, as it is happening.

You five, have a wonderful, restful and holy vacation and please tell us when the baptism is so we can pray. They look rested already. Thank you for the pictures and please give our love to the family.

Please know that each and every one of you is loved, not only by me, but that God loves you in proportions greater than you or I could possibly imagine.

A message from Heather Decaire: Thank-you to all who have been contributing to our coffee hour! Due to our limited kitchen space, we would like you to bring only finger foods and sweets to accompany our coffee and tea. We ask everyone who is able to to bring a small contribution for our fellowship time each week. Ideas for food can include cheese/crackers, muffins, cookies, cut veggies, cut fruit, and other "finger foods." Please do not bring anything more than that in order to make things easier and clean-up quicker. Volunteers are welcome, and thank-you so much, everyone!

I would ask you to consider helping with the construction and dismantling of the tent, helping to clean up after Liturgy, and anything else that you notice needs doing. It seems to be the same people doing these things all the time, and I certainly want to thank them, after all they do this work to the Glory of God, as do the altar servers. You will want to share in this Glorifying of God, I am sure; there is vacuuming, sweeping, tidying, preparing food, tea and coffee, moving stuff, putting up and taking down of the tent in summer, books to sort, carrying stuff, looking after the children, making sure they are not playing and being noisy during the Epiclesis, (the descent of the Holy Spirit), etc. There is so much to be done all the time - please help.

And a message from the monks of the Hermitage of The Annunciation:

I think I'm going to order some Fingerling Potatoes just to find out what they are, but also to eat of course.

-- Father David

PS I'm writing this on Thursday and this is the day that my younger Niece is getting married in Jasper, Alberta. Please pray for Ann and Alfred.

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Расписание служб

В связи с пандемией коронавируса церковные службы идут с ограничениями: 25% от допустимого объема помещения, а именно до 50 человек, и 75 человек на улице с соблюдением безопасного расстояния.

Суббота: 18:00 Вечерня

Воскресенье: 10:00 Часы и Божественная Литургия

Во время богослужений нужно носить маски и соблюдать 2-метровую дистанцию.

Календарь с расписанием служб и особых событий в нашем приходе.

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