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Matthew 6:22-33

Life in Christ is a life of pilgrimage. It requires endurance. It will hurt. Our purpose in everyday life is purity of heart. What does «purity of heart» mean?

Today’s Gospel speaks of that purity of heart: «If your eye is good your whole body will be full of Light.» The Greek word for «good» is [aplous] which in Biblical Greek means «free from inner discord»; it refers to simplicity and unification of purpose.

To be Christlike is to be unified. All of ourselves — abilities, faculties — are centered on God. This brings peace and joy. The sinner, on the contrary, is the one who is divided in his heart. He suffers from brokenness.

As Christians, your hearts must be set on the Absolute. You must not compromise in order to be true to your purpose. This is the struggle; it is a struggle which will last your whole life. So, be patient. There will be many trials. When you fall, do not be discouraged but start again immediately. This has to be done everyday.

I will give you a tip that will help to stay out of trouble. When you are going to do something, think: can I say a prayer before beginning this? If the answer is no: then, do not do it. May the Holy Trinity bless you and keep you. Amen.

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