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Service Times

Saturday: 6:00pm Vespers

Sunday: 10:00am Hours and Divine Liturgy, followed by coffee hour

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Weekly News

October 5, 2017

Sat Oct 7: Vespers 6:00 pm
Sun Oct 8: Hours, Liturgy, coffee hour 10:00 am

Annual parish business meeting

This year's meeting will take place Sunday, Oct 15 after liturgy. We will discuss the business of the parish, including approving the budget and electing the parish council. Further details to come soon. Please note that to have voting privileges, you must complete a membership form. These are available at church and we will include it in a later email. Membership must be renewed annually, so even if you've previously submitted a form, please complete a new one.

Support for Nikita

We've received the news that the young son of a former parishioner, Yuriy Shelkovyy, is seriously ill. Little Nikita is 2 months old and has repeatedly suffered cardiac arrest. He is in hospital in Ottawa. Yuriy and his wife Oksana are now raising funds to be able to spend more time with Nikita.

If you are able to assist, please visit

Please remember Nikita and his family in your prayers at this difficult time.

On Wednesday, at 6:00 pm we will have our usual molieben for peace. We will include Nikita in the commemorations and the prayers for the sick during this service.

May the Lord have mercy on His servant Nikita and his parents!

St.Vladimir Orthodox Church, 625 Purcell's Cove Road, Halifax NS

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